is brand design agency with a fervent belief that creativity and collaboration deliver true success.  

We are motivated to create a better future for our world and to enhance people’ lives. This has driven everything we do.

Refined  Simplicity We optimize values of brand and business with differentiation and exceptional aesthetic as well as incorporate the use of digital capability to deliver design competence.

Humbly nesting in Phuket, we work closely with our clients who play in Thailand’s most competitive tourism capital and neighbour provinces. Our resource and expertise have enabled rounded support for significant  brand makeover to all of our business clients.

What we do?
Brand Creation

We create original brands with the motivation to make it groundbreaking. We constantly create brands that will not only be instantly recognisable, but also form strong foundations with refined business strategy.

We believe that successful branding is about creating an environment where people will experience and find unique values worth talking about.


We collaborate with our clients with fresh minds and inspiring invention to enliven business brands. We take it seriously to define success for our clients and show them how great branding helps their business grow.

Brand Collateral

If you already have an existing, successful brand, our graphic designers can help you to create and implement innovative brand collateral strategies and materials that will help to raise the profile of your business and attract new customers.

Brand Strategy

An in-depth analysis to understand underlying aspects of target groups and competitors and to find the core and the value of your brand.

Brand Architecture
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Brand Essence
Brand Personality
Give a clear brand direction and identity to the brand, reaching magnetic selling points.
Build greater advantages in market competition by attracting customers to share living value with the brand, and to become more convinced to purchase.
Escalate the business value and set firm direction for marketing actions.

Brand Experience

Anticipating and designing behaviors of service providers and users in each of different touchpoints, to formulate the experience that is consonant with the prospective Brand Strategy.

Customer Journey
Touchpoint Design
Behaviour Diagram
Components of Experience Design
Differentiate and individualize the hotelt’s selling points and service privileges from those of competitors.
Create and systematize a high service standard through a service operation handbook.
Crucially build up to better Brand Reputation and Brand Royalty.

Visual Identity

Composing a design-based expression of identity that resonates the hotel’s Brand Essence and impending Brand Strategy.

Color Palette
Graphic Elements
Sensorial Elements
CI Manual
Anchor the hotel’s identity to all conceptual details of the brand.
Create lasting impression for customers on how the brand stands out from the vast sea of their alternatives.

Brand Collateral

Fashioning brand-related utilities, such as branded products, publication, staff workwear, advocating to the brand’s corporate identity and carrying functionalities that answer to all designed touchpoints.

Stationary Kit
Promotional items
Printed & Digital Brochures
Printed & Digital Newsletters
Social media graphics
Vehicle Wraps
Branded PowerPoint
Explaniner Videos
Unify customers’ impressions and memories of the brand to the same positive direction.
Ensure that the Customer Experience is wholly and effectively communicated to target segments.

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