Building intelligible strength from real needs

In a heat-crusted tropical country and with spreading concern on effects of sunlight and UV rays to skin, sunscreen cream market is one of the ever-growing markets in Thailand. This is an opportunity for local sunscreen brands to win some market shares from international brands, by developing products that are especially suitable for Thai people’s skin types. It also leads to the question: How can Summer, as a brand offering localized skin products, can create great awareness of its products and grab the attention of buyers in the sea of hundreds of competitors? 

Summer, a skin protection and rejuvenation brand, was born from the sheer need of the founder in finding a sunscreen that can protect her skin from drastic heat and humidity of Phuket climate. She has instead succeeded in inventing a high-performance sunscreen cream perfect for both outdoor activities and everyday use. With initial target customers as tourists in Phuket, Summer’s sunscreen has been engineered to be light-weighted, fast-absorbing, non-sticky and waterproofing, with high SPF and skin moisturizer in the mix. The packaging is portable and handy for use. These are the strengths of the product which have been well thought through to respond to behaviors and needs of the targets.

A powerful summerly sensitivity

Simplisis has designed the brand’s corporate identity that gives a sunny, lively, and confident look and feel just as the perceived brand personality. The logo was adapted from the founder’s handwriting expressing the brand’s individualism. The fun and upbeat graphic elements of the bright blue sea and the apricotty sun rehash the brand identity, making Summer different and standing out from other fish in the sea. 

Diverging and innovating endlessly

After the first-product launch of Summer Sun Spray through online channels and retails at hotels and resorts, Simplisis received a satisfactory feedback that Summer has made unexpectedly great sales to both tourists and locals. The customers are impressed by the quality of the product as well as the interesting packaging design, causing a quick growth to the brand. Summer founder then decided to introduce new product lines in subsequent years, i.e. Summer After Sun and After-Sun Mask, which Simplisis was also trusted to design their packages. Today, Summer is present at the shelves of EVEANDBOY, Thailand’s No. 1 cosmetic, Villa Market, The Mall and various department store, and when comparing with other local sunscreen brands, Summer projects a stronger and clearer identity which ensures its continuous and lasting growth and share in this market sector.

Summer | Simplisis Branding Design Agency Phuket
Brand Identity

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