Blue tree

A Lifestyle Ecosystem

Blue Tree is a recreational destination in Phuket that offers a variety of lifestyle and entertaining activities particularly for families. Unlike other attractions in Phuket, Blue Tree was not born to only attract tourists, it actually yearns to be a place for the locals to enjoy and to grow their businesses creatively and toward sustainability.

Blue Tree provides copious facilities within its multiplex. Each of these facilities targets contrastive groups of people. Therefore, in designing and developing this brand, the keys are clear brand architecture and identities that can build up unique selling points for the facilities. These components must successfully present distinctive experience and reflect the core value to all users. 

Defining Blue Tree

Blue Tree consists of three main facility zones, a zone for retails and dining, a waterpark and a park. We have devised different yet connecting concepts for these zones, in order to narrate a whole story of Blue Tree. 

Blue Tree, for us, is a delightful realm that nestles the Village, where people from all walks come to feast and treat themselves in cuisines and shoppes. It harbors the Wonder Lagoon, a bayou where fun adventures take place. It shelters the Forest, a peaceful nature that restores good health and supinity. With these concepts, we could define moods and tones for visual identity designing, and ideate myriad of experiences within these zones.

The visual identity system was designed in accordance to the brand architecture, aiming to create brand recognition for Blue Tree. This can be seen particularly in the repeated use of the Blue Tree logo in all three facility zones, yet with disparate color schemes and graphic elements to express the zones’ divergent characteristics and intellections.

Community and sustainability

Blue Tree’s clear brand strategy encourages the success of both visual identity designing and experience designing in reflecting the core value. Some of the experience designs have already been launched, for example, Green Market, Health Community, Lagoon Movie Night and Sustainability Workshop. These initial launches have received positive responses from both Phuket natives and expats. Larger number of residents have now constantly visited and followed news of Blue Tree, proving the accomplishment in building Blue Tree’s brand identity as a sustainable hog heaven of social crossroads for the locals as originally envisioned.

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