Maiton Island

Innovating to abound new opportunities

Maiton Island is a privately owned island in Phuket province which has its own tour operation and services while also opens for touristic activities by other travel agencies. Filled with abundant natural resources and located at convenient distance from the urbanized Phuket Island, Maiton Island has become an ideal hideaway popular among Thai and foreign vacationers.

Despite the isle’s innate popularity, there has been a growing competition in Thailand’s seaborne tourism. Maiton Island, therefore, has been adapting to open for new market opportunities, including by elevating its strategic brand positioning and raising greater awareness among its targeted groups. During our analytical process, we discovered that one of the key obstacles, which has prevented Maiton Island from reaching its fullest potential, was its unclear brand identity.

The latent value unearthed

Simplisis worked with Maiton Island’s marketing team to create the brand essence that coordinates the key direction of works for all concerned company’s workforces, and to design the brand identity.

We undertook surveys of both the targeted consumers and the island’s physical attributes, in order to develop experience design.

The gathered data revealed that Maiton Island has had an outstanding value for its unblemished, and ever-growing shallow-water coral reef, which could not be found anywhere else in the present Phuket province. Such value has persisted time and encroaching pollution, thanks to the owner’s uncompromising efforts to preserve their private natural resources.

Simplisis, hence, took this strong mindset of the founding people, in respect to the original image of the place as a private island, to create the genesis of this brand rejuvenation mission.

The corporate identity that interacts with people

Maiton Island’s brand-new corporate identity manifests the island’s “natural luxuriance”, narrating its sui generis value proposition. The brand’s look and feel are calibrated to convey exclusiveness of the newly settled positioning.

The new logo system was conceived to be simplified and compact, while maintaining the dolphin silhouette to associate with the legacy brand identity.

The colour palette was inspired by the hues of seawater and corals, whereas the graphic elements were emboldened by extraordinary flora and fauna on the archipelago.

These designs communicate the brand’s value in the abundance of nature, and, on top of that, ignite conversation between the guests and the staff to enhance stories and exploration during their stays on the islet.

Slow but steady transformation

Maiton Island has embarked in the process of brand rejuvenation by adopting the new corporate identity in online advertisement campaigns and publications alongside bettering its services.

Certainly, changes cannot happen all at the same time, yet the beginning of the exclusive and attractive fresh look of the island has already born fruits on the recent increase in sales. “More tourists are drawn to the new corporate identity.

They see that we are completely different from other destination options,” said Maiton Island’s Marketing Director. Nevertheless, Simplisis are still closely observing the gradual changes of the brand.

Once the transformation comes to full circle as designed, we believe that Maiton Island’s brand identity will be so passionately realized by travelers and will widen the realm for profiting opportunities.

"Simplisis, business and consumer thinking as starting point. Impressive creative works with strong rational support. The only difficulty is to choose since all works are very good! Happy to work with Khun Au and the team."

Khun Nitinai Katchapanan
Marketing Director

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