Oriental Gastronomy

Modern travelers no longer seek merely critically acclaimed restaurants, delicious menu, and pleasant atmosphere; they seek unique experience in activities surrounding their culinary venture. They seek a once-in-a-lifetime affair. How did KOKO Restaurant achieve a completely brand-new experience that could become the point of convergence?

For a resort-hosted restaurant on Koh Ma-prao, ten minutes by boat from Phuket Island, it is a constant challenge in maintaining a high occupancy rate. This is due to the convenient inter-island transportation enabling resort guests to chance by alternative restaurants outside their living complex. This factor had resulted in low table turnovers at KOKO Restaurant and unsatisfying revenue.

Nonetheless, the restaurant owner saw a rare opportunity to sell something ultimately different. This restaurant would offer an unmatched, attention-worthy experience that is not only for the resort’s guests, but also for tourists and Phuket locals who value uncommon dining sophistication.

Simplisis recreated the KOKO’s brand experience from the story of efforts to survive of the first man in the island and his fisherman’s way of life.

The story, portraying culinary wisdom, harvesting and food-preserving know-hows through designs, caused a major change to the dining experience offered at the restaurant, from serving style of Oriental gastronomy which is exciting in the look and engaging in the history behind the food, to the eccentric environment orchestrated by the architect. These contextual details were put together to communicate the brand concept in all sensorial touchpoints. 

The new KOKO Restaurant has received great attention from the resort vacationers that we could witness majority of the guests choosing to feast at the restaurant instead of going outside. The objective was reached impressively, reflecting in growing income from the resort’s key facilities. In addition, non-resident foreign and local diners were also drawn in by this unique experience overture.

The improvement of KOKO Restaurant’s brand is comparable to the first piece of jigsaws to convey the whole brand story of The Village Coconut Resort, and admittedly bears significance to the resort’s brand image in the designed direction beyond our actual expectation.

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