Juumpo Restaurant

Baba gastronomic heritage

Nestled at Hotel GAHN, Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province, Juumpo Restaurant welcomes both hotel diners and stopover gourmands.

Hotel GAHN’s brand narrative evolves around the lifeway of a Baba family. Bolstering their Chinese-Thai root, Juumpo Restaurant continues Baba feasting tradition safeguarded for over a century.

This heritage has charmed many people – locals, Thais and foreigners – to come experience this tasty living history.

Through identity and experience designs, Simplisis introduced the early-life story of Kong, a young man resettling in Takua Pa District and finding himself becoming as a mining site’s chief cook– a juumpo.

The menu is crowded with Kong’s own recipes, which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. The food is perfected homely yet expresses sincerity and scrupulousness in the preparation.

The service is tendered warmly by staff in Baba attire. The architecture of the restaurant fulfils as a memoir of a kind man’s life. All these components were brought together as the identity of Juumpo Restaurant that resonates Hotel GAHN’s core values, the Baba lifeway and the family as an irreplaceable treasure.

The identity design that triggers exploration

Juumpo Restaurant’s brand was designed to intrigue people with its ground in peculiar history. The logo depicts a cook dressed like a miner, conveying the meaning of juumpo and provoking people to explore such an unfamiliar character. The decors are in deep blue tone, which is the colour of miner’s garbs, meshed with red, appertaining to Hotel GAHN’s corporate identity.

Magnifying people’s awareness with unmistakable uniqueness

Building upon a clear identity and a full attention to every touchpoint of experience of Baba culinary tradition, Juumpo Restaurant has now reveled in excellent feedbacks as a thrilling, one-of-a-kind dining room, loved by both hotel guests and locals. It cottons to an unceasing number of returning overseas connoisseurs. Mr. Piyawat, the hotel’s owner, confessed, “There is a lovely couple dropping in for a meal almost every day. And every time, they order makuea mob and jor raeng”. Simplisis believes truly that Juumpo Restaurant is an inspiration for other local business owners to find opportunities for profit and brand-making from their family’s traditional wisdoms.

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