CHANN Wellness Spa

For hotels and resorts in Phuket, spa is considered an integral facility that increases the business’ revenue and enjoy brimming occupancies throughout the year. The challenge in improving the spa brand of The Thavorn Beach Village Resort, thus, was not on how to increase number of customers or how to topple satiating revenue, but on how to build the brand royalty to the level that could expand the business from a resort-attached spa to an independent day spa brand in near future.

Nakalay Spa, the former name of the spa in reinvention, opened within The Thavorn Beach Village Resort for over 30 years. It is the resort’s facility that has harvested the highest earnings among all its facilities, accountable for 40% of the resort’s total income. The factor of impression that encourages returning customers is the highly competent massaging therapists, variety and specificity of spa programmes, and the endogenous atmosphere that is peaceful and unwinding amid the nature. Simplisis has fulfilled the tasks in developing brand concept and design service components, to correlate each and every touchpoint that mirrors perfectly the identity of the brand.

Simplisis accentuated the serene ambient of the Thai architecture sat within a greenery surrounding, and the pre-context of The Thavorn Beach Village Resort’s core value in safeguarding Thai uniqueness.We interpreted that the spa experience could not only ameliorate physical stress and fatigue, but could also mend the soul and mind to full relaxation and self-reflection. This led to the rebirth of the brand as “Chann Wellness Spa”.

Simplisis designed the new corporate identity that still harmonizes with The Thavorn Beach Village Resort. The new logo gets wind of a calm and Thai-inspired scent, matching with the interiors of prudently deep purple, tropic-floral aroma, sounds of clear water creeks and bird chirps and nature-based therapeutic massaging menu. All these elements were conceptualized and curated to perfect the guest’s ecstatic experience.

In 2017, the first year that the Chann Wellness Spa was reintroduced, it won the most prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards as the best luxury wellness spa of the year. The international recognition contributed to the massively maturing brand loyalty of Chann Wellness Spa. Simplisis is proud to be a part of the grand success and look forward to its new realm of conquest in the future.

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