Se La Va

Magnetizing attention and rousing repeat vacations

SE LA VA is a recently discovered islet and a pilot destination of Love Andaman Xperience, the new product line of a premium tour operating company renown among Thai voyagers, Love Andaman. Every year, Love Andaman surprises travel enthusiasts with new routes and destinations, boosting hunger for adventure among sea lovers, most of whom have been impressed by previous journeys and have returned for newfangled and wider options.

The opinion survey of sales and guide teams of Love Andaman, the two groups of staff that are most directly in contact with customers, revealed that in the past one to two years, new island destinations have attracted less travelers in comparison to the number of previous years. Most repeating clients have felt that island trips all offer unchanging experience, and huddle similar services to those of many other tour agencies. Simplisis, nonetheless, has seen potentials for Love Andaman to anchor a totally unique sense of journey by revolutionizing the pitching story of this new-found atoll to go beyond just natural beauty, to step out from how other competitors normally talk about an island.

“Value seen through eyes” and “value seen by heart”

During our expedition to this new destination, situated in Hliang Gu Island, Myanmar, Simplisis discovered that the beauty of this islet did not only lie within its nature, but also within its indigenous people. The island’s Myanmar people are best expressed by their sincerity and kindness, as well as their meaningful traditional wisdom. Our forthright experience and impression are what we would like other travelers to receive when visiting this charming archipelago.

The name, SE LA VA, is a combination of the word “Selons” in Burmese language, meaning the sea gypsy, and the million-year-old black lava stone, the landmark of this isle.

Simplisis has presented an unseen landscape of the value of SE LA VA that enclaves the native lifeway amidst the copious nature. This beautiful narrative was imparted through the experience and identity designs, which aimed not to stand out from the surroundings, but to blend in and show respect of the nature and the founding people.

The logo was designed with a suave fuse of Burmese and English alphabets in handwriting style to deliver a raw touch of simplicity. More importantly, every service touchpoint conveys the taste and feel of the fascinating indigenous knowledge and way of life, from the food, the staff costume, to the offered activities.

Good opportunity knocking unexpectedly

With Simplisis’ new experience and identity designs of SE LA VA, Love Andaman sees a vast opportunity to introduce its new product line, Love Andaman Xperience to offer a fresh angle of sea voyage.

For Love Andaman, travelling is not merely a photogenic relaxation. It is a rare chance to become another life, to experience a modus vivendi of another culture, to appreciate the humanly genuineness that is lost in the cosmopolitan world.

Love Andaman and Simplisis, together, set an ambitious goal for SE LA VA to become a model for value-based tourism and to contribute to improved tourist awareness on respect of local communities and conservation of natural resources of the destination. We believe that this new and well-positioned island will bring back the surprise element to Love Andaman’s customers, gaining for the brand more popularity and trust in its service.

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