Se La Va

Magnetizing attention and rousing repeat vacations

Sea voyaging in Southern Thailand is a heavily competitive business sector with continuous and drastic annual growth. One point that every travel agency pitches to sell is the natural beauty of the destination – glitteringly clear seawaters, white sand beaches – which targeting holiday-makers who seek exclusive, Instagram-worthy leisure. Even Love Andaman, a pioneering coastal travel company trusted among Thai jetsetters for decades, still faces challenges in differentiating its products and services in order to reappear every year to the competitive market with new surprises and maintain number-one seating in the hearts of its Thai habitués.

Located on Hliang Gu Island, Myanmar, SE LA VA is Love Andaman’s new destination, aimed as a premium daytrip option that, through superior services, propounds higher price than those of other destinations offered by the company.

“Value seen through eyes” and “value seen by heart”

In expedition to discover the new islet, we did not simply uncover the natural wonderment of this sea retreat. Working alongside Myanmar islanders, we absorbed their admirable sincerity, and learned about their traditional wisdom. This memorable experience inspired our fervor to get this impression through to our target travelers.

The name, SE LA VA, is a combination of the word “Selons” in Burmese language, meaning the sea gypsy, and the million-year-old black lava stone, the landmark of this isle. Simplisis has presented an unseen landscape of the value of SE LA VA that enclaves the native lifeway amidst the copious nature. This beautiful narrative was imparted through the experience and identity designs, which aimed not to stand out from the surroundings, but to blend in and show respect of the nature and the founding people. The logo was designed with a suave fuse of Burmese and English alphabets in handwriting style to deliver a raw touch of simplicity. More importantly, every service touchpoint conveys the taste and feel of the fascinating indigenous knowledge and way of life, from the food, the staff costume, to the offered activities.

Good opportunity knocking unexpectedly

With its distinctively strong brand experience and identity, SE LA VA also gave Love Andaman an opportunity to launch a new product line, Love Andaman Xperience, offering new angle of travelling that is not about relaxing and photographing, but about submerging into the lifestyle of the indigenous, appreciating culture and enriching life’s meaning. The island’s opening created sensational surprise to the regular clientage, and drew in new segment of higher-end customers. Within the month of SE LA VA’s reveal, the media impression went up to 3.6 million views and reactions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the island is on a temporary break after two months from its premier. Nevertheless, we foresee that, once reopened, it will become a model for other Andaman tour businesses on responsible travelling, local community valorization, as well as nature conservation for the place we visit.

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