Shining bright amidst vigorous rivalry

Sea voyaging in Southern Thailand is a heavily competitive business sector with continuous and drastic annual growth. In the past decade, branding was not a focus in marketing strategies of businesses in rural areas. Brand experience-building, therefore, has been a distant field of understanding for many entrepreneurs. But that is not the case for Love Andaman, who has been known for pioneering and elevating Andaman coastal tourism with high-standard services, creative experience proffers, along with environmentally responsible travelling mindset.

Love Andaman is an excursion operator that offers daytrips to many islets in Andaman archipelago. It is one of the most regarded brands among Thai travelers, trusted by hundreds of celebrities and public figures in the country, and featured in over fifty leading magazines and newspapers. Love Andaman’s tour packages have received the highest popularity in the past five years. However, recently there have been several tour brands emerging with similar services and marketing strategies to those of Love Andaman’s. On top of that, thanks to aggressive competition, the price ceiling has gradually reduced as supplies become abundant. Simplisis was tasked with the challenge to metamorphose Love Andaman to the new level of brand differentiation with an additional aim to increase target customers among foreigners.

Engineering offbeat strategy and sailing toward sustainability

Simplsis, as a brand consultant, worked with executive and managerial team, analyzing internal challenges, strengths, and weaknesses of Love Andaman, alongside conducting competitive research and tourism demand modelling. We found that two pivotal strengths of Love Andaman that leave lasting impression to tourists are its attentive guides who provide top services throughout the voyage, and surprising and new destinations that Love Andaman regularly introduces. Even so, its weakness that is lowering brand image is the positioning strategy that could not convey premium perception as coherently as when the brand was first acquainted. This is due to the marketing approach that emphasizes magnitude of incoming travelers over their quality, leading to degrading and capricious standard of services.

We divided our tasks into two parts. First, we improved the brand image, bringing it back to the status of a superior tour agency, creating trust and loyalty among customers. We designed services to fix customer’s pain points, while reanimating its corporate identity to make people aware of the changes in brand’s visible attributes. Second, we forged treasurable meaning to Love Andaman, inflating brand differentiation and advocacy. We sailed through value-based experience in each of the customer’s carefully designed journeys, particularly, instigating natural conservation and building opportunities for local communities. These, we believe, will bring about ceaseless reputation for the brand.

Budding and enrooting sustainably

Designing the brand strategy and underlining the brand mission, we set compass for Love Andaman to a clear direction. We arbitrated to change organizational thinking process and culture, with the improvement by degrees in brand reputation. Love Andaman is now praised widely for ideal services and unparalleled excursion offers. Its brand image has returned to the premium standing, which does not only affect greater direct revenue, but also helps diversifying the business demands and incomes in other channels. More importantly, the strategy change has amplified brand loyalty and advocacy of Love Andaman’s target groups. We can begin to witness that whenever Love Andaman launches a new destination, there will be patron customers buying its tours. Whenever there is negative news about Love Andaman, there will be a big group of vocal commenters defending it or presenting an affirmative side of the story. Simplisis is appreciative as a segment in Love Andaman’s meaningful accomplishment. We see an unending journey for this inspirational and creative sea-clipping enterprise.

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