The Thavorn Group Testimonial

        After we launched the rebranding project, we’ve received many positive results that went beyond our expectations. Even if our prime properties, such as a great location, surplus facilities, and wonderful sculptures give us advantages, it’s not enough to keep maintaining hospitality business in an aggressive market in Phuket. Each month, new hotels and resorts are built and within the next few years, there will be more than 1,000 new rooms available for guests.

         As we see, this is causing unequal demand and supply because the flights to Phuket are declining, and recently, there are fresh tourist destinations that appear with more identity, and tourists could spend less money traveling there. With this global economic problem that we all are facing, it is difficult to be in an outstanding position of this market, or should I say, I thought it was impossible to reach that point.

         This rebranding project is the identity transformation of our brand, as it helped us change our business image and brought out the full-effectiveness of our product to appear classy and elegant. This is very important, especially during the digital age that everything is sold via the internet. The customers or guests discover our brand by what we communicated toward them.

         The rebranding brought very positive results for us as the growth of our business was closed to 100 million Baht within 3 years after rebranding. Our business growth improves annually, and in 2017 our sales number and profit were at their highest.

         For over 60 years our business occupancy rate has been over 91%. And this also made us different from the other places in Phuket, because most of the hotels and resorts here are facing the decreasing sales number and occupancy rates.

         However, the rebranding is not the only factor to the achievement, it requires a proper PR, strategic operations, and excellent management.

        I personally believe that a good branding is the first step of the success, just like buttoning your shirt while preparing for work; if you mistake a single button, your entire outfit will look improper.
         I believe the Simplisis Design Studio helped ensure the first button continued a series of no errors, and it led my business to the greatest position it still holds today.

Mr. Lert Thavornwongwongse

Chief Executive Officer

The Thavorn Group

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